What it Means to Bespoken

“The strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice” – George Eliot.

At Bespoken, we help you get out of your head and into your body—because we believe you can't connect the two without speaking from the heart. Last month, we gave you an inside look into our process. Read on to find out how our methodology helps people speak powerfully and purposefully through customized, on-your-feet coaching.

Our approach focuses on how to use your voice (command) and body (presence) to get what you want (intention).

We believe that everyone has an innate ability to communicate.

We believe that everyone communicates in his or her own unique way.

We do not believe that there are inherently good speakers or bad speakers.

We do believe that one bad past experience may lead you to believe you are unable to speak well in front of an audience.

We believe that the more you understand how to control your body and voice in high-pressure situations, the better you will be at communicating your story.

We teach you techniques that will show you how to gain control of your own ability to command a room in high-pressure situations.

We help you get comfortable with the discomfort that’s standing in the way of you being your best in the moments that matter most.