BEspoken with us at the NY Media Center

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We're always inspired by entrepreneurs at the Made in New York Media Center by IFP—a co-working space, incubator & exhibition venue—and the ideas they create at the intersection of storytelling, media, and technology. We've guest taught for their Creative >> Founder Lab twice, and this October we'll be teaching two classes that are open to the public. Whether or not you're an entrepreneur, we'll help you talk about yourself and your work with precision and power.

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When you think of the tools that make a successful public speaker or presentation, what comes to mind? Perhaps hand gestures, body language, eye contact, and confidence come to mind. But what about breath? Or vocalization? Or stance? This class will guide you to become a better, more confident speaker. We will learn how to: manage our known and unknown nerves and tensions; craft and deliver a compelling presentation; improve known and unknown posture and body language; use breathing and relaxation techniques, and master the power of stance.

If you want to learn more about the class format, if you have questions about basic skills you might need to use, if you want to learn more about the specifics of the course, please contact Derrick Foust at

What You Will Learn

  • Learn techniques to manage public-speaking fears.

  • Practice how to optimize your unique expertise and enthusiasm for your idea when introducing your company.

  • Craft your message, identify your audience and hone your story.

  • Leave with improved awareness of your unique communication style and ability to engage an audience of one or many.