How to Speak Like a Lady Leader

Do you ever hesitate to speak up in a meeting?

Do you feel nervous before a big pitch or presentation?

Are you afraid of veering off-script?

On Saturday June 18th, we're partnering with Lisa Pertoso (Hyper Island) to help women in leadership and creative roles speak with confidence and without apology. Join us!

Um, Like, Iā€™m sorry, I Just: How to Speak Like a Lady Leader

Saturday June 18

12 - 4

Sheen Center, 18 Bleecker Street. Note: studio rental entrance is located around the corner on Elizabeth St. Studio B. 11:30am - 4pm.

Price: $100 (early lady bird before June 1 - $85)

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Stop dreading your next [choose all that apply! meeting, pitch, presentation, interview] and turn it into an anticipated opportunity. Strengthen your communication skills in this half-day workshop for women in business and creative leaders. Learn and practice techniques from theater and improvisational comedy to stop apologizing and start speaking with conviction - like a boss.


  • Find your unique voice in high-pressure situations

  • Identify your vocal and physical strengths and weaknesses

  • Loosen up and clearly articulate your ideas to an audience

  • Speak directly with the intent to add value and inspire

  • Field questions on-the-fly with authenticity

  • Command a room of any size

  • Understanding how to leverage your unique communication style